The Ultimate Reaching Aid for Pet Lovers!

The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is one of iHeartDogs "7 Best Summer Pet Products And Services You Need To Know About".  You can read the whole article here.

This is a must have if you or someone you know are a pet lover that suffers from back pain or problems with reaching down to the floor. The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl comes with a removable handle so you can provide fresh food or water without straining, bending or crouching all the way down to the floor.

This special and unique bowl was created for anyone that just needs a little help safely picking up their cat or dog bowls.  The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is made in the USA from the same super-tough stuff as Legos.  Best of all it's pet-safe and free of BPAs and Phthaletes.

The Perfect Gift

The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is the perfect gift for anyone with temporary or permanent physical impairments requiring assistive devices or mobility aids.

These are just a few common conditions that can make it difficult to carry out everyday activities like bending or reaching down: 

* Arthritis      * Back Disorders      Cerebral Palsy      * Heart Disease      * Joint Replacement or Surgery      * Multiple Sclerosis      * Muscular Dystrophy      * Polio        * Respiratory Disorders       * Vertigo

You and your pets will LOVE it!

Your purchase helps Graceful Pets support a charitable cause and starting in June 2018, for every bowl sold we will donate $1 to help a pet shelter in need or the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT®. 

Simplify Your Life with the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl