Easy to Feed Pet Bowl - The Ultimate Reaching Aid for Pet Lovers!

Introducing the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl! This is one of the best dog bowls and it is made in America!

This brand new bowl and patented technology is great for anyone that struggles with picking up their pet bowls, feeders and waterers.

This unique pet bowl comes with an easy to attach handle that securely lets you pick the bowl up to fill then simply place it back on the floor without bending down.  The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is made out of nearly indestructible plastic, it's easy to clean and simple to use.

You and your pets will love it!

Simplify Your Life with the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl

The Perfect Gift

The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is the perfect gift for anyone with temporary or permanent physical impairments requiring assistive devices or mobility aids.

Some of our customer's most common conditions that make it difficult to carry out everyday activities like bending down to feed their pets are:

* Arthritis      * Back Disorders      * Cerebral Palsy      * Heart Disease      * Joint Replacement or Surgery      * Multiple Sclerosis      * Muscular Dystrophy      * Polio        * Respiratory Disorders       * Vertigo