The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl by Graceful Pets will Simplify Your Life

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The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is for anyone that struggles with bending down to pick up their pet bowls, feeders and waterers. This unique pet bowl comes with an easy to attach handle that securely lets you pick the bowl up to fill then simply place it back on the floor without bending down.  The Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is made out of nearly indestructible plastic, it's easy to clean and simple to use. You and your pets will love it!

Easy to Feed Pet Bowl - How it works demonstration video

Customer Testimonials

The Easy-Feed Pet Bowl has been a godsend. Getting food and water dishes down to the floor and back up to my counter-top has been enormously painful since my back surgery. Now it’s easy and I don’t have to bend from the waist, which has been excruciating. Thank you!

I’m skeptical of new gimmicks and, frankly, I’m cheap. But this Easy to Feed Pet Bowl is one item I’m so glad I bought! I don’t get around well any longer and the bending and stooping involved with feeding my pets was a problem. I’m on a fixed income but I bought one for each of my three dogs and it’s been a lifesaver. This is one old dog who learned a new trick.

Introducing the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl!