Q: Can I use the bowl without the handle?

A: Yes. A lot of our customers only need to use the handle after surgery or when they are having a bad back day. I use the bowl myself to feed my dog and rarely use the handle.

Q: Is there a smaller bowl for cats?

A: The smaller and larger versions of the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl will be available sometime in 2018 if everything goes as planned!


Q: Does the bowl come in different colors?

A: It will eventually. You are one of the lucky customers to be part of our initial product launch. We started with a neutral color and will be adding colors based on customer feedback. Please send us an email at support@gracefulpets.com to let us know what color(s) you would want.


Q: Why the heck is the bowl square?

A: Lol! Can you fit more in a round room or a square room? I could tell you the bowl is square because I love being different but the truth is I specifically designed the bowl to hold as much as possible while remaining functional and reasonably sized.


Q: Do you have an extra-large bowl for big dogs?

A: This bowl typically works well for larger dogs if you feed twice a day. If you have a huge fur baby... we are planning to have the larger version of the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl available sometime in 2018!


Q: How much food will the bowl hold?

A: The bowl will hold up to 3 Cups (24 oz / .71 L). To be honest, I’ve put close to 4 cups of water in it but as I carried it across the kitchen I almost spilled it so it’s always better to be conservative. Unless you’re looking for an excuse to mop the floor... then that’s all up to you!


Q: Is the bowl material safe for my pet to eat out of?

A: Of course it is. It’s so safe even I would eat out of it! We selected high quality, food grade materials that would also be durable so that the bowl will last a super long time. After all, you get what you pay for, right?


Q: Can I put the bowl in the dishwasher?

A: Yes, the bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe.


Q: How long is the handle?

A: Assembled length is 32 inches and it also comes with an adjustable foam grip for comfort and ease of use.


Q: Can I leave the handle in the bowl all of the time?

A: It’s totally up to you. We recommended to remove the handle when your pet is eating but you may find it easier to leave the handle in the bowl. Just be aware this could be also make it easier for your pet to tip the bowl over or pick the bowl up themselves! Make sure to send us a video if they figure out how to pick it up :)


Q: Does the handle come apart once it’s put together?

A: Yes, you can store the handle assembled or simply pull it apart and store it as two pieces.


Q: How do I attach the handle if there’s still food in the bowl?

A: Attaching the handle works best in an empty bowl. If there is food already in the bowl you may have to move the food around a little before the handle will securely twist and lock on.


Q: When will my order ship?

A: Your order will be prepared and shipped within 1-2 business days or as quickly as possible. Our primary shipping partner is the US Postal Service so there may be slight delays during holidays.


Q: Can I return something if I don’t like it?

A: Absolutely! We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee because your happiness is very important to us. If you are not fully satisfied with a product that you purchased from us online, you are eligible for a full refund of the amount paid for that product, excluding shipping costs. All you have to do is contact us within thirty (30) days following the date of purchase, request a return authorization number and state the reason for your return.