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Welcome to Graceful Pets!

One of my greatest passions is finding simple and easy to use products, techniques and natural remedies that help improve my overall well-being as well as the health and vitality of my pets. Graceful Pets is a family owned company based in Colorado and we are dedicated to delivering high quality products, services and information that will hopefully help simplify your life!

Our featured product, the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl, was created for anyone with back problems or physical limitations making it difficult to bend or reach floor to pick up their pet bowls. Providing fresh food and water for your pets is important and now it doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

My Dad was inspired to create the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl originally for our Grandma when she found herself needing a reaching aid to safely feed the family dog named Gracie. 

Easy to Feed Pet Bowl Inspiration

Years later my Dad had hip surgery he realized he needed the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl for himself. That's when we realized there are a lot of pet lovers his "bowl on a stick" concept could help. That's when I stepped in to take over the design, development and production process.  

It has been an exciting process for me to take this from my Dad’s first prototype to our current design! I am grateful to have collaborated with other American companies like the 3D Print StoreV&S Molding and Hampden PressThis was my first entrepreneurial business adventure so needless to say I had A LOT to learn.  

I'm very proud to say our bowl and handle attachment are currently manufactured in Colorado and the handle is assembled by Graceful Pets with parts MADE IN THE USA!   

My Dad and I are living proof that you're never too old to follow your dreams! Here’s picture of of us when we were testing different handle prototypes :) 

Easy to Feed Pet Bowl Inventors

I hope our products serve you well,

Jana Curtin, President

Graceful Pets

Jana Curtin Owner of Graceful Pets