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Welcome to Graceful Pets!

We are a family owned and operated company responsible for the design, development and distribution of the amazing Easy to Feed Pet Bowl! Our mission for this product is to help pet owners by offering a unique and easy to use pet bowl that simply allows them to feed their pets without straining or bending down.

Our family has owned Colorado retail stores for over forty years and we are dedicated to delivering high quality products and customer service. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

My Dad came up with the original concept and prototype for the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl years ago to help my Grandma so that she could keep doing one of the things she loved most... feeding their dog Gracie!

Easy to Feed Pet Bowl Inspiration

After my Dad had hip surgery he realized he needed the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl for himself and that there were probably a lot of other people his idea could help too. So at the age of 70 he decided to embark on a brand new adventure by bringing his dream pet product into reality! That’s where I come in.

I spent over a year specifically designing what you see now as the Easy to Feed Pet Bowl to make sure the interior was comfortable for the pet to eat out of and the handle was super easy for the pet owner to use.

It has been an exciting learning process for me to take this from my Dad’s first prototype to filing for the patent of the current design! I am grateful to have collaborated with other American companies like the 3D Print Store and V&S Molding. I am very proud to say our patented designs, the bowl and the handle attachment, are currently manufactured in Colorado and the handle is assembled by Graceful Pets with parts MADE IN THE USA!

Here’s picture of me with my Dad when we were testing some of the first handles.

Easy to Feed Pet Bowl Inventors

Jana Curtin Owner of Graceful Pets

I hope our products serve you well,

Jana Curtin
Owner of Graceful Pets

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